Who are we?

To whom it may concern,

My inspiration to found Scoliosis in Oman began when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Initially, I thought that I was in this battle alone, only to discover later on that many are battling this disease. This has inspired me to gather a support group for Scoliosis Warriors where we share our experience and continuously pursue for better non-invasive treatment. We also spread awareness on the disease and the available treatment options. With the help of various resources and the support of the community those goals can be achieved.

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity which affects 2-3% of the population. We lack of awareness about Scoliosis in many countries including Oman. Awareness plays an important role in early detection of scoliosis which is vital for non-surgical treatments. However, Oman lacks the proper diagnostic and treatment resources for Scoliosis. Treating scoliosis requires team work starting from the patient, to his/her parents, physiotherapist, radiologist, chiropractor, orthotic and orthopedic surgeon. It is not just a one per job. The whole community should unite and work together in the treatment. Scoliosis in Oman is willing to unite them all together, but in order for that to happen we must spread awareness amongst the society. 

In conclusion, we will work hard as a team to do what’s best for the Scoliosis patient and society. We are aiming to enhance early detection by awareness & followed by early intervention with non-invasive treatments. Under the cooperation of all of the parties involved in Scoliosis, we can make it happen. We are making it happen.

Tariq Suhail Al Shaibani,
Founder & President of Scoliosis Awareness in Oman

Active Members


From left to right:

First Row:

1. Mrs Sue (Dr Will Kalla's Wife)
2. Dr Will Kalla
3. Nadir Al Azri 
4. Tariq Al Shaibani (Founder & Presdient)
5. Faisal Al Busaidi
6. Ghassan Al Sinawi

Secound Row:

1. Sumeya Al Sulemi
2. Fatma Al Maskery (Designer)
3. Samah Al Sulemi
4. Sundus Al Hashmi
5. Ameera Al Harthy
6. Nuhaila Al Sulemani
7. Nusaiba Al Sulemani (Vice Presdient)
*Other members not shown in the above picture, Waleed Al Alawi (Official Photographer), Abdullah Al Sulemi (Public Relations), Raya Al Maskery (Marketing & Designer)

Adviser on Alternative Treatments: Dr Will Kalla

Being certified since 2007, Dr Will Kalla is the first chiropractor in South East Asia to be certified by the CLEAR Institute, a highly specialized US Scoliosis Treatment Center. Dr Will is also the only chiropractor in South East Asia that is certified to run a Scoliosis Bootcamp, a non-invasive, scoliosis exercise based approach to treating scoliosis. He has extensive experience in Europe and South East Asia. Currently, operating his own clinic, Precision Spine, in Singapore. The Scoliosis in Oman team have been treated there themselves with favorable results. Dr Will is always showing his continuous support, helping us in identifying the correct treatments for patients and spreading awareness on Scoliosis. In fact, Dr Will Kalla had flown all the way to Oman on his own expense to host an awareness seminar on Scoliosis. Full seminar can be watched here.

The Scoliosis Awareness in Oman team are grateful for Dr Will Kalla's continuous contribution in Scoliosis Awareness & Treatments. He have allowed us to accomplish goals which were beyond our reach. We'll be happy to pass any queries to him or you can visit his clinic's website from here.

Sponsors (2010-2011):

    -          Standing Committee on Public Health SCOPH, International Federation of Medical Students Associations

Founded on October 19th, 2010.