Alternative Treatments

They are non-surgical treatments that fixes Scoliosis. They mainly treat the cause rather than the curve by looking at the environmental causes. They treat Scoliosis naturally, no bracing & no surgery. Here are some of the treatments out there.

Scoliosis in Oman have got a lot of experience and contacts on the Scoliosis Bootcamp,. Therefore, we will explain to you the Scoliosis Bootcamp Treatment. The Scoliosis Bootcamp Treatment actually is the more advanced and convenient from them all. However, all have been proven to be effective.

Dr Will Kalla in Singapore is currently the only  Scoliosis Bootcamp Treatment certified doctor outside USA and one out of 40 doctors or so certified by CLEAR institute

Tariq Al Shaibani, a founding member of Scoliosis in Oman, have had treatment with him and sustained outstanding results. We strongly advise you to consider alternative treatment such as the Scoliosis Bootcamp for Scoliosis when making your decision.

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Scoliosis in Oman Report on the Treatment:

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