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Famous Celebes's with Scoliosis

Posted on March 12, 2011 at 11:23 AM Comments comments (260)

Well, after I have done a little research. I ended up with a big 'WOW' in my face. It's not only many of the famous celeberites have scoliosis but they also ended up being champions, models, golf players, and even swimmers!

I'll put on a special page for it soon.

Hope it insipires you all (:

Alexandra Marinescu - World Champion Gymnast

Carmen Lynch - Comedian

Chloe Sevigny - Actress

Catherine Oxenburg - Actress/Model

Daryl Hannah - Actress

Dudley Hart - Golf Player

Elizabeth Taylor - Actress

Gillian McKeith - Food Guru

Isabella Rossellini - Actress/Model

James Blake - Tennis Pro

Janet Evans - Olympic Swimmer

Jeanette Lee - Professional Pool Player

Jeffrey Tate - Musician

Jenny Thompson - Swimmer

Jessica Andrews - Country Singer

Jillian Weise - Actress

Jo Beth Williams - Actress

John Lydon - Lead singer of Sex Pistols

Jon Olson - Olympic Swimmer

Julia Burgoyne - Miss America Contestant

Karie Webb Pro - Professional Golfer

Kristin Kreuk - Actress

Kurt Cobain - Lead singer of Nirvana

Laura Dern - Actress

Linda Blair - Actress

Lisa Howard - Actress

Liza Minnelli - Actress

Lourdes Ciccone Ritchie

Melanie Blatt - All Saints

Princess Eugene - Grandaughter to the Queen (UK)

Renee Russo - Actress/Model

Robert Loudermilk - Tennessee Football Player

Rowena Wallace - Actress

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Actress/Model

Sarah Polley - Actress

Stacy Lewis - Golfer

Tutankahman - Egyptian God

Yo-Yo Ma - Cellist

Vanessa Williams - Ugly Betty Wilhelmina

The Launch Of Scoliosis Awareness Website

Posted on March 4, 2011 at 9:49 AM Comments comments (233)

Okay, finally I got to publish the website. I know they aren't much stuff in it yet. I'm currenly working on many new stuff but things are going slow because of studies and stuff.

I'm planing on adding a few more pages sometime this week, Insha Allah. 

Thanks everyone for visiting and supporting us. Please be updated by our Facebook group 


 Tariq Suhail