Our Engagements!


A video conference by Prof Dr Karunakaran S, Director - Institute of Advanced Spine Sciences 

Presentation - the Sudanese Club


As part of the Scoliosis Awareness Activities, Scoliosis Oman made a presentation at the Sudanese club on Friday, 21st of September. Nusaiba Al Sulaimani, Scoliosis Oman Vice President, talked on the Scoliosis journey and how Scoliosis Oman has been helping Warriors along their journey including Scoliosis Oman latest achievements and global presence.

Scoliosis Oman would like to thank the Sudanese Club and Samitivej Hospital for organising the event. We would like to also extend our gratitude to the Managing Director, Faisal Al Kharusi, for his support to Scoliosis Oman.

Reported by: Nusaiba Al Sulaimani, Scoliosis Oman Vice President

Scoliosis Foundation - Spain 


Scoliosis Oman visited the Scoliosis Foundation in Spain. During the visit, Esther Francia, Scoliosis Foundation Founder, explained on the foundation's objectives and current activities. 

The foundation currently aims to bring together different disciplines in Scoliosis treatment together through a clinic based nearby Barcelona, Spain. The clinic currently hosts Specalized Chiropractic Doctors, a therapist, and also is working with Spine Surgeons.

Reported by: Tariq Al Shaibani, Scoliosis Oman Founder & President 

Dr Juan Olaverri - Spain


Its been a great pleasure for Scoliosis Oman to meet Dr Juan Carlos Rodriguez Olaverri in Barcelona, Spain. Dr Rodriguez Olaverri is a spine surgeon that performs new surgical and fusion-less treamtents such as VBT/VBS, ASC and ApiFix. During our meet we got to learn more on the new surgical treatments, see some results and have a better understanding on the overall fusion-less treatment.

We will be updating our platform with the new information received and welcome any questions you may have. Scoliosis in Oman would like to thank Dr Rodriguez Olaverri for his time and effort. May more opportunities arise from our engagement.

Reported by: Tariq Al Shaibani, Scoliosis Oman Founder & President 

Scoliosis SOS Clinic - London


As part of our continuous pursuit for better Scoliosis treatment, we recently visited Scoliosis SOS clinic in London. We got to learn about their treatment methodology and meet warriors coming from all around the world. 

Their methodology, known as the ScoliGold method, is mainly a physiotherapy based approach to Scoliosis which uses many techniques such as Schroth and Pilates. The methodology has been developed and refined to for Scoliosis treatment. The treatment is tailored for all type of warriors including post-fusion warriors and Scoliosis pain management. 

We would really like to thank Scoliosis SOS Clinic for the great contribution to the Scoliosis society and their time during our visit. 

For more information please visit the Scoliosis SOS clinic:

Reported by: Tariq Al Shaibani, Scoliosis Oman Founder & President 


Oman Health Exhibition & Conference 


As part of Stakeholder Engagement to discover the latest developments in Scoliosis Treatment, Scoliosis Awareness in Oman conducted a visit to Oman Health Exhibition and Conference. We've visited the relevant stakeholders (mainly two, providing various brace solutions for Scoliosis: National Medical Services located in Madinat Al Alam & Scoliosis Spine Center from Greece) and discussed on how support to Scoliosis Warriors can be provided.

Reported by: Tariq Al Shaibani, Scoliosis Oman Founder & President 

Dr Will Kalla - Singapore


I've never thought I'd be making a life long friend when I first met the doctor who will lead my battle on this disease. As you may know of, Scoliosis is a disease that affects us physically and psychologically.

I was quite surprised when I walked in the clinic, Warriors were asking to meet me, thanking Scoliosis in Oman efforts. As the Founder and President of this iniative, I cant take credit of this. Scoliosis in Oman is only where it is due to all of your relentless effort. Thus, the least I can do is extend the gratiude to all of you fellow Warriors. Scoliosis in Oman wouldn't be where it is without you all. Being able to be part of changing the lives of many is a great pride I take and I promise you it's not the end, many good news are coming ahead. With everyone's support, we are turning dreams to reality.

I'd walk to Singapore if I had to, just to see the smiles on Warirors and parents faces knowing they are finally winning the battle with this disease.

Reported by: Tariq Al Shaibani, Scoliosis Oman Founder & President