Frequently Asked Questions

I think I might have Scoliosis, what should I do?

We have developed this simple four step guide on what you should if you think you have Scoliosis.

What is the objective of Scoliosis Awareness in Oman?

Scoliosis in Oman objective is to provide support to Scoliosis Warriors in Oman by sharing our experiences and continuously pursuing for better treatment on Scoliosis. . We do promote our cause to patients and doctors as well.

I found that I have Scoliosis, how can Scoliosis in Oman help us?A

We can tell you ALL of your options for Scoliosis treatment and provide you with the support needed to make a decision and live with Scoliosis. 

Does scoliosis hurt?

Children and adolescents who have scoliosis rarely complain of pain. If pain is the major complaint in a young patient with scoliosis, further analysis is needed beyond plain x-rays to establish an underlying cause of the curvature. For example, in rare instances a benign inflammatory focus of tissue (osteoid osteoma) can produce curvature of the spine.

The adult population diagnosed with scoliosis often seeks treatment because of pain. As one ages, the spine becomes less flexible and undergoes changes which reduce water content in the disks and produce inflammation in the joints.

Is Surgery recommended? 
Based on the current literature, there is no medical necessity to have surgery, it is actually viewed as a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, we advise surgery as the last option and when there is an actual medical necessity for it.

If not surgery, then what can be done to treat Scoliosis?
They are many alternative treatment out there. The most known ones are the Schorth Method and the Scoliosis Bootcamp. We have had an experience with the Scoliosis Bootcamp with very positive results (click here for more info. 

Does Scoliosis Oman provide the Scoliosis Bootcamp treatment?
No, we do not directly to provide the Scoliosis Bootcamp treatment. However, as our alternative treatments advisor, Dr Will Kalla, does the treatment at his clinic in Singapore, we guide patients in getting the treatment.