I think I got Scoliosis. What should I do?

If you have any symptoms of Scoliosis or already know that you do have Scoliosis. We advise you to follow those simple 4 steps. 

Step 1: Get an X-ray

 Get a full spine X-ray to confirm your Scoliosis. The X-ray should look like this:

Make sure the radiologist gives you the following details:

  • Cobb angle 
  • Scoliosis Type
  • General health of the spine
  •  Digital copy of the X-ray. If you only have a hard copy, follow this tip

Note: Scoliosis can only be verified with an X-ray. Hence, we can only offer very limited advice if there is no X-rays to confirm on your diagnosis.

Step 2: Know your options

Read about your options hereThis platform consolidates all treatment options (regional and international) for Scoliosis Warriors including feedbacks of treatments we have experienced/clinics visited.

We also recommending buying/reading this book. 

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Step 3: Register your case

 Register in our database. This allows us to send you up to date information regarding Scoliosis &  develop statistics on Scoliosis, supporting our cause.

Step 4: Get support from Scoliosis Oman Team
 Send your X-ray with any relevant reports/information to [email protected] for further advice. Make sure you drop your phone number so we can call you! :)

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you are unable to follow any of those steps.

You can also read Stories of different Warriors suffering from Scoliosis.